Friday, 9 December 2011

Bring It Back

Something old, something borrowed, something new...

That pretty much sums it up.   So a song was recorded last week.   This particular song is a few years old now and fell out of memory for a while, which can be the case in such instances.   Personally, I love it, and more importantly I didn't write it!   It's a song written by a friend who long ago gave it up.   Not only is it an awesome song which I was stoked to cover, but the recording actually features the guy who wrote it!  And that guy is Dustin.

Who is Dustin?   Good question.  

He might lead you to believe he is "Nobody" and further try to persuade you of this fact with a tiny rubber-duckie (true story) but be assured he's really an emerging musician.   Though his catalogue of music has been building over the years, it has never left the walls of his home or been heard further than the ears of close friends.   "Day To Night" is an example of his great song writing and marks his musical debut.   This will be the first Jordsy release which contains someone other than myself, and I was quite excited when he signed on to make it happen.   

But wait, there's more... we recorded a video for the song as well!   It's still in the early stages of editing so in the mean time here's a few snapshots:

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