Thursday, 27 October 2011

Here We Go Again

Wow,  it's  been  a  busy  two  weeks....

The dino heads for the sure to be silly RAR! video are finished!  Yay!  I plan on filming these next few days and to have it all wrapped up for Halloween. Can it be done??  I have no idea.  Will it be fun?  Yes.  I think the bigger question is what i will do with all these heads after the shoot....possibly mount them to the wall like trophy beasts?  Whatever.

Speaking of art, i recently found this little painting i did 3 years ago.  Ohh Ermeriker.... lernd erv der free...... everybody thinks you're crazy!  Stop fighting and start loving!  Anything is possible right?  I mean, right now America itself is being "occupied" which is quite ironic for obvious reasons.  At least the government can be happy that it's not foreign nations who are leading the occupation, but fellow Americans!  But that's a whole other issue.  I personally think it's amazing.  To keep up, please visit Occupy Together which has links to all world wide events.

Moving on, Hey!  Have you heard the new demo from Burnt Witch Survivors Group??   Well in that case i present to you guitar buzz, blown voices and hard hitting cymbals.


Yes, we sure know how to go all out for our demos.  We made the mistake of jamming this one out a couple of times before recording, so when it came time for the vocals, it was a real bastard.  As per the usual, this song can be downloaded for FREE here.  And since we're talking about the band, big-ups to Chris Friesen @ The C.A.R.P. in Winnipeg who has been pumping out BWSG tunes through the airwaves every week for months!  We see it, and we love it.

I would also like to give a BIG danke to the awesome Anke @ Melophon on K├Âlncampus for her yet to be deciphered words (I have Robot working on it) and for featuring my entire EP Shlines!!  This follows news of Song For Jack receiving regular airplay on Echo FM Freiburg (which spell-check thinks should be spelt "Beefburger")  all thanks to the equally awesome Juliane!  I dream of Deutschland, so i feel very privileged.  I just love meeting awesome people!  And these two are full of awesomeness.

So yeah, there will be new Jordsy songs a'comin very soon, until then you can download all the songs from the EP Shlines here. And of course, it's free!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

First Blog

RAR!  Yes, how better else to start off a blog then with a goofy picture of yourself wearing a hand-made dinosaur head?  Well it's all for something, and that something is a music video.

I've decided the track "RAR!" will be the 2nd video from the recently realeased EP Shlines.  The 1st video "Tea To Sleep" came out late this last September and can be seen here:

As with almost everything I do, very d.i.y. Very fun.