Saturday, 26 November 2011


Ahh November, you've been good to me.

This month came one of the best decisions I've made in a long time... changing my live act.  Why?

Well, it all started earlier this year when I decided to cease my stripped down acoustic recordings and head for a new direction; recording whatever I felt like with whatever instruments I wanted!  This immediately led to the songs from "SHLINES".  The problem then came apparent that to play these new songs live with solely a dry acoustic sound would most definitely fall short and - in my opinion - suck!

Which brings us to 2 weeks ago when I decided to plug my acoustic into my amp and found the most gloriously reverberant sounds, whether clean or distorted.  After which I then rigged up a kick drum and added a tambourine.  Never had my tunes sounded this good and full live before, especially considering that the only musician is myself.  A whole new world has opened, and when faced with something new I start the fun task of experimenting!  Here is a very recent example of what I'm up to:

In other news, the video for RAR! was completed earlier this month and has received some awesome feedback!  Thanks again to the small crew who was involved, you goofballs are beyond awesome.  In case you haven't seen it, you can watch it here:

I'm really digging videos right now, especially when they're this fun to do and turn out this well.  Well, that and I apparently love to bust a move, and this video is full of badly executed dance moves which could only be my signature!

And finally, the CBC Manitoba Scene contacted me just the other day for an interview which can be read HERE.  Now, from my understanding, not every Canadian city has a CBC department dedicated to solely cover their local scene, so props to Manitober for setting an amazing example...and for finding me.  I was wondering when they would, ahaha.