Wednesday, 18 April 2012


NEW AGE EP / SHLINES EP   has appeared on the UMFM Charts for 4 weeks running now.  I love to see my DIY hard work be recognized.  Jumping ship to Winnipeg's other university you'll find my mug in their student newspaper The Uniter in reference to the upcoming Wolseley Arts Festival in May.  Yea boi.
 BWSG put on another epic show.  All the acts were top notch and the place was packed so tight it was ridiculous.

Seeing as how the show landed right around the anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death, Jer and I found this to be an amazing opportunity to coax Ryley into playing a slew of Nirvana tunes after we finished our initial set.  Fucking awesome time.  Better news yet is our set was filmed.  Very  excited to see the footage.

... And here's a sneak peek into what the band is up to next:

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